Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Visit With My Sister

I spent the weekend in San Antonio hanging out with Stephanie. We spent our time eating ice cream, shopping, and seeing movies (multiply those things by 2).

Friday night we ate ice cream for dinner and went to see Love Happens.

Saturday we were up bright and early. We ate at Red Robin (I think?) and then headed to Charming Charlie which I LOVED! This place is awesome! Jewelry, clothes, purses EVERYWHERE! And what's cool about this place is that everything is divided up into colors. All of the red jewelry and accessories were grouped together, purples were all together, etc. I usually get overwhelmed in places like this, but I think having everything grouped together helped calm me. :) We then headed to La Cantera. As we passed La Cantera the night before I told Stephanie that I heard angels sing. She was like, "Huh?" This place really is that amazing. You would probably hear angels sing, too! Here is what I came home with:
(Charming Charlie)

(Metal letters from Anthropologie. Can't find them online. Oh, and Jevon and I were married on February 19th. I am thinking about hanging them on the outside of the pool house--sort of like house numbers.)

(Hooks in our initials. These are also from Anthropologie.)

(Charming Charlie)

(Cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma. I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!)

(And a bunch of cool stuff from Sephora, but I am way too lazy to post it all. I did get Philosophy's Caramel Apple body wash and it is yummmmmmy! I've already tested it out, so I know what I'm talkin' about!)

After doing much damage, we headed to Target, got ice cream (again), and then went to see All About Steve. I wouldn't recommend Love Happens, but All About Steve was hilarious! Grabbed dinner at Friday's, headed back to the hotel and watched some college kids get busted for drinking and driving.

Note to self: Remind Stephanie to always look out for others, always be careful, and don't get in the vehicle with someone who has been drinking. (I really hope she doesn't think I am nuts! I called her today to tell her that if anyone ever motions for her to come to their vehicle window because they have an envelope for her, to not approach the vehicle because it's a big fat scam and they may snatch her. I also forwarded her an email about how she should use wasp spray instead of mace because it sprays further than mace. I ALMOST told her to get some for her purse, but I thought that might be pushing it and then she may think I am really nuts instead of just a lil' nuts).


Anyway, on Sunday Mom & David, Janet & Elizabeth, and Steph and I ate at Pericos for lunch and afterward I headed back home.

I enjoyed every.single.minute of this weekend with Steph. My family is extremely important to me and this weekend was just what I needed! I came back home feeling refreshed and ready for a new week.

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