Sunday, July 4, 2010

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Or in this case...ME!

Jevon and I went for the anatomy scan on June 23. WE left the office knowing that our little one was healthy and HE left knowing what our little one was. I had an envelope in my purse and had Jevon write on the card what the baby was and had him seal the envelope. He handed it to me and well...I lasted about 5 hours. When it came down to it, I did not have a preference. I just want a healthy baby. That's all I have ever wanted. BUT...I just had to know. Who was I kidding?

Most of my family had planned on coming up this weekend for a pool party (which got canceled because it has been raining non-stop) and we figured we would share the news with everyone here.

We ordered a cake and had the inside of it dyed, so that when it was cut into, everyone would know...

Annnnnd...IT'S A BOY!!!

We couldn't be more thrilled and it was so great having both of our families here to share this with in person.