Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Related Ramblings

I never got around to doing a picture this year for our Christmas card, so I won't be able to post one. Here is a reminder from last year. Aren't they cute???

One thing I love about Christmas is all the holiday-ish movies. Here are some of my favorites:

Santa Clause (1-3)
Bad Santa
Christmas With The Kranks
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Home Alone
The Polar Express
Miracle on 34th Street
Surviving Christmas
Love Actually

That's about all I've got for today. At this time, I have no presents wrapped and nothing packed for our upcoming trip. I'm trying really hard to get in the spirit, but its just not happening as easy as it did last year (and the years before that). Have a very Merry Christmas!

Past Few Weeks = Big Blur

A post full of things to catch you up on stuff I have wanted to blog about, but haven't had the time to until now.

This past weekend my sister in law and I hosted a Silpada party and sold $3,000 $4,150 worth of jewelry, which means we each got $450 $625 worth of free jewelry. If you aren't familiar with their stuff, check it out. They have some really nice things and you can usually find a ton of their things on ebay, too! My Mom and Meemaw came to the party. Later that night, Meemaw snapped this picture of Dash. Notice he has not 1 leg on the floor. That's because he crawled in my lap and sat there. He thinks he is small like Scout. We just let him think that.

Last time I was in Victoria, I spotted this card carousel at this junk yard and decided that I needed it. I called my Mom to see if she would go get it. I was expecting it to be between $40 and $50. Nope! She got it for $10! TEN DOLLARS. I called her as she was loading it up and she was so excited she couldn't even talk. HA! I have a ton of blank note cards and I figured this would be a perfect way to store them. I originally got the idea from Pottery Barn. The only problem is #1. They don't make them anymore and #2. They were close to $200.

And my version:

I have to post this picture because I about died yesterday when I tried to pull into the garage.

Yes, those are tumbleweeds. A shitload of them. It was so windy they all blew to the driveway and blocked me from pulling in. I just waited for Jevon to get home and he did an awesome job at getting rid of them and even pulled my car in for me when he was done :) Only in West Texas.

Speaking of West Texas...I do a LOT of driving for work with the furthest place being about 3.5 hours away. I get bored and try to break up the drive whenever I can. I ran across this picture tonight when I was uploading some other pictures. I took it somewhere between here and Sweetwater. There are a ton of these wind turbines out here and they are massive! I just think its a neat picture. You don't realize how big they are until you get really close to one.

A somewhat boring post, I know. I've just got a lot going on and not a whole lot of time to be creative with my little blog.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Stuffed!

Thanksgiving went well. The family came to visit. I gained back the 7 pounds I recently lost and a good time was had by all!

Last year we went to the "Robert's Family Christmas" and decided to go and check it out again this year. They did not disappoint. The amount of time this guy puts into this show is amazing. Check out his YouTube video (turn up your volume):