Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photography Class- Week 5

Fifth assignment: "Over/Under Exposure"

Instructions: Take a total of 2 pictures. One must be overexposed. It should be a white object up against a white background so that the object is barely seen, but still identifiable and show depth. The second picture must be underexposed. It should be a black object up against a black background. The image should also be barely visible but still show depth.

My thoughts: I have never taken a picture like this and wasn't quite sure until tonight that people take pictures like this on purpose. I have taken a lot of dark pictures, but I wouldn't consider them "underexposed." I'm thinking for my overexposed (white on white), I can use this seashell that I have up against a white backdrop of some sort (maybe just plain white paper?). As for the black, this will take a little more thinking.

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