Thursday, September 24, 2009


OH Mylanta! Lubbock has a cupcake shop! It's called Cake and I went there today after my date with the vag-cam. I absolutely love cupcakes. They are my weakness, well...that and Jevon, ice cream, purses, sleeping late, my doggies, chick flicks, amaretto sours, tivo....

Anyway, I had heard about it and finally decided to stop in there. These babies are better than Sprinkles (tried during trip to Phoenix) and Kate's Frosting (tried during trip to San Antonio). The one I had for breakfast was "S'mores." Imagine this if you can--chocolate cake filled with marshmallow gooeyness, chocolate buttercream on top sprinkled with pieces of graham crackers and mini marshmallows and then drizzled with another chocolate! Ahhhh, it was heavenly! I got a few others to take to work and share the love. Cupcakes are much better when shared with friends.

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AF Recruiters Wife said...

It is wonderful that there ISN'T one of those close to me... I would be in major trouble. They look delish!

I finally got a DF after EIGHT (!!!) FSH shots... she's a beauty- 22mm. I just had Pave give me my trigger shot, (Orvidal?) It's the first time I've used this brand. Now for the Baby Making Sex on Saturday... then two long weeks. When are you all going to do another cycle?