Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bug Love

Soon after Jevon got his trike I began thinking about how fun it MIGHT be if I had one too so that we could ride together. I said I would ride one on one condition: It must have a "bug butt." That conversation took place last November and has come up a few times since. Definitely not something we have been in the market for. Well, Jevon found one on Brothers of the Third Wheel for sale and showed it to me and asked what I thought. "Ohmygoshthatissooooooooocute, could we paint it pink?" was my response. He contacted the seller and will be leaving tomorrow sometime along with Raymond to pick it up. In Illinois. 19 hours away. Oy. I sure wish I could go, but I just can't miss work.

Oh and I already picked out these rims:
Cute huh?

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