Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photography Class- Week 3

Third assignment: "Focal Depth"

Instructions: Take a total of 4 pictures of 3 objects together in and out of focus. This includes 1 picture of the 3 objects in focus and 3 pictures of each object in focus while the other 2 objects are blurred.

My thoughts: This is going to be tough! It's really going to take some playing around with the camera and settings to really get the blur that he is looking for. I think it would be so neat for my 3 objects to be Scout, Dash, and Sylvester. Actually, after brainstorming a bit with my Mom, I may try to do purses some how. The only problem is that he used examples of small objects, so I don't really know. We thought of a few ideas (Coke bottles, jewelry, shoes, books, notecards)...I'm going to have to sleep on this tonight (and probably the next few nights).

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