Saturday, March 7, 2009

66/365 & San Antonio- Day 4

Today we:

Witnessed a protest of some sort. Something about justice, babies, women, power...I don't know.

Walked around La Villita
This had some great art and a lot of things made by local artisans. Such as this copper stuff:
I loved looking at the different galleries, but there was one piece going for $23,000. Who does he think he is? Van Gogh? I did see this and I thought it was pretty:
Shopping at El Mercado/Market SquareI have so much fun when we head south of the border to Progreso, Mexico. I felt like I was in Mexico today and it was awesome (and cleaner!).
While there, we had lunch at Mi Tierra's. I have never been here and saw that it had good reviews on Yelp. First off, they have a wall of Mexican pastries. I ♥ Mexican pastries. There is a little place in Roswell, New Mexico that we stop at that has really good stuff. Well, Mi Tierra's has all that and more. Anyway, I tried mole for the first (and last) time today. I am willing to bet that anything on their menu is good except for this. Blech. We left there and went to a couple of antique shops and then to the Container Store. I guarantee you that if we had been in Jevon's truck, I probably would have brought these home with me. I think they are so cute!

We strolled down the Riverwalk to find the Harley Davidson store and wound up at the mall. It was crowded and had nothing I haven't seen before. IMAX Theater
We saw Deep Sea in 3-D. I really enjoyed it. I think Jevon did, too.

We head home tomorrow and I am ready. I'm ready to see my dogs, sleep in my own bed, and prepare for my trip to New Orleans next week!

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