Sunday, March 15, 2009

74/365 & New Orleans- Day 4

Today's Agenda:

Katie competed again today. The best score from the past two days was taken. Annnnnd.....THEY WON FIRST!!! There were 5 levels and out of Level 4, her team won first out of 23 other teams, including co-ed teams. She finally gets her Nationals jacket that she has worked so hard for for the past 3 years. Way to go Katie!!!
Fish, sharks, and jellyfish oh my! There were fish of every color and size. While here we got to pet a sand shark and a stingray. So cool!

Jackson Square

We did a little more sightseeing and stopped to watch a few street performers. A group of guys doing acrobatic-type things, a kid tapping really fast using soda cans, and this guy who stood really still and was spray painted (?) gold.

We also stopped at a bar (banana daiquiri = yum!)...
...and caught a view of the Mississippi River.

Any kind of candy you can possibly think of and makers of the best praline I think I have ever had.

And there you have it. Our short but fun-filled trip to New Orleans.

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