Friday, March 13, 2009

72/365 & New Orleans- Day 2

Today's Stops:

French Quarter
When I think of New Orleans, these are the buildings that come to mind. The stairs and window are just things I thought were neat.
Jackson Square
It was really pretty here. There were lots of local artists and street performers. St. Louis Cathedral (established in the 1700's) is near, so we checked that out, too. Later on a guy played Beethoven for us using water in glasses. Kinda neat actually.
I dropped my freakin' camera and broke it!!! So, Mom and David took me to get a new one. I could have kicked myself! That is my excuse for some of the crappy and dark pictures. I am still learning how to use it.
Ok, this was a little lame, but I managed to get some pictures and it was nice to get out and walk around the city at night and not have it rain on us. One of the houses on the tour is particularly interesting and is said to be the second most haunted house in the United States. Read about the Lalaurie Mansion here. The building is currently owned by Nicholas Cage. He is in the process of trying to sell it, but not because he has had paranormal experiences. His wife just doesn't like New Orleans. Another place was a haunted bar (Lafitte's Blacksmith's Shop). Marie found out that her soon-to-be husband died in war. She whispered her vows in his ear and then hung herself, only to be found days later. Supposedly Charleston the cat (who happened to make an appearance) sees her. We took this opportunity to quench our thirst and check out a sex shop, from the street of course. Next stop was an old butcher stop. Butcher and wife lived upstairs. Butcher had affair with worker and then killed his wife. He was unsure how to dispose of her body, so he made sausage out of her. Makes sense to me. He handed out the meat the next day and people LOVED it, until someone bit into a gold ring. And there was Helga. Next up- Andrew Jackson hotel. Three boys were playing and caught this house on fire (now a hotel). Reports are that the TVs will come on at odd times and begin playing the Cartoon Network. Another occurrence was when a family returned home and began looking at the pictures they took. The last picture on the roll was of the 3 of them sleeping in their bed.

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