Saturday, October 17, 2009


My Saturday with Susan:

1. Massage and eyelashes filled at Davidson Taylor

3. Abuelo's for lunch (yum!)

4. Hobby Lobby to get more supplies for Arts & Crafts Time

5. Mall

I need to tell you what happened while we were in Dillard's. It's quite comical and irritating all at the same time. Susan and I were walking around when I spotted this:
It is beautiful in person. I can just picture it with a pair of jeans and my new boots (I'll get to those in a minute). So anyway, while I am trying this beauty on, a saleslady walks up and here is what followed:

Pushy Salesperson (PSP): "Those are hot right now. You should really go ahead and buy that if you are interested. They are going fast and it won't be here if you come back."

Me: "Yeah." (holding fur-beauty in hand and beginning to walk away to browse the other racks)

PSP: (following me to a different section of clothes) "Would you like me to hold that over here for you?"

Me: "No, I really need some jeans."

PSP: "You have jeans on."

Me: "Yes, but I would like some different jeans. Can you point me to where some are?"

PSP: "We have some over here." (begins to show me Ralph Lauren Mom Jeans)
Susan: "Oh no. Not those. We don't like those."

Me: "Are there any upstairs?"

PSP: "Yes. Would you like me to hold that while you go up there to look?"

Me: "No. I would like to try this on WITH the jeans." (begin browsing other racks, far from where I first picked the fur-beauty up)

PSP: (follows along carefully watching my every move)

PSP: "Ma'am, if you go upstairs you will need to leave that down here."

Me: "Why?"

PSP: "Because it's a fur."

Me: "And?"

PSP: "Fur can't be taken upstairs because of the sensors attached to it."

Me: "That's funny. I'm not leaving the store." (I hang the fur up and begin walking toward another section of clothes)

Susan starts looking around and I spot another salesperson (Kay). I explain to Kay that there is a fur over there (pointing to where it is) and that I would like her to ring me up. She goes and gets the fur and I hear PSP asking Kay, "Is she buying that?" When Kay returns, I tell her that that is what happens when you follow people around while they are trying to shop. Talk about annoying.

So in addition to my new furry treasure, I got these boots in brown and also a pair in black:
I also got this neat tank. It's tag-less so you can wear it backwards if you need to for a higher neckline. Genius!
All in all--a super fun day!

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