Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Raves & Ramblings

Today was a really productive day. I sat through a 2 hour meeting, had lunch with a co-worker, headed back to my office and got to come home early. Any bets on who is going home tonight on Dancing With The Stars? Please let it be Cloris. I'm guessing the folks over at Vote For The Worst have been busy bees!

A new (to me) gadget rave! I've played around with Wordle a few times before. It's addicting, no? I am in the process of making one for Christmas. Since there are going to be a group of us celebrating together (friends and family), I thought giving everyone a little something to remember the trip by would be kinda neat (maybe in a little frame?). Here is a quick example to give you an idea (my master list of words is on my computer at work):

Speaking of Christmas, I would love to give a couple of these posters to people I know. My co-worker had this awesome Demotivator magazine today. I must share a few of these with you. You can order t-shirts, calendars, posters, etc. I laughed out loud at a few:

Funny, huh?

I forgot to mention one of my current favorite things. On our way back from Phoenix, Jevon and I stopped at the El Paso outlet mall (which happens to be really nice by the way) and I got some great smelling stuff from Bath & Body Works. My most favorite thing happens to be from their True Blue Spa collection. I am so glad they picked this line up (among others) because their Country Apple and Plumeria were getting a bit old. So, I got this and this and they smell good enough to eat! Jevon even said it smells good (note to self: stock up on Cashmere stuff before its discontinued). Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Annnd they had a COACH outlet. I have yet to use them, but I did get these 2 bags :)

I'm on the fence about the black one. I still may return it when I head to San Marcos in a couple of weeks.

My need to decorate comes in spurts. I have always really liked these signs and may just break down and get them. I think they are adorable and would go perfect in our guest bedroom. I heart Etsy.

Oh and our tickets for the Nutcracker came in today and I'm so excited to go I can barely stand it! I'm taking some time off at Christmas so that Jevon and I can go to Ruidoso and figured we would catch a show while there. He really is such a trooper and I love him to pieces. He even took me to see Peter Pan when we were in college. Props to my Honey!

And just because I love snapping pictures of him looking at me funny, here is Dash:

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