Friday, February 27, 2009

I Fell Off The Wagon

The shopping wagon that is. I have been doing sooo good. I shouldn't. But I did. Here is what I've bought over the last 2 days:
I have a short black 3/4 length shrug I thought would look cute over this.



And these. I used coupon code 8126 to get 30% off my entire New York & Co. order.


And this.

Shu Uemura quit making my favorite mascara. Boo. I've used this one before, so I guess it will have be my replacement.

Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage is supposed to cover up ANYTHING. We shall see.

Can't cover up ANYTHING without the brush!

And I used coupon code "Mirror" to get this mirror that attaches to your cell phone. Hey it was free!


I thought this would be cute under the black shrug I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure why this is showing up orange, but I got it in white and black.

I got these in this color and also in white. I used coupon code 050002733 and received $50 off my entire Lane Bryant order.

This. And for the record- I don't do sleeveless, so these tops will be layered with something else.


This. And I used coupon code "New30" to get 30% off my entire Old Navy order.

And of course I went through Ebates, so that I can get at least a smidgen of my money back, some day.

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