Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I never thought this day would come and Jevon sure the hell never thought this day would come because he was certain it was all one big fat scam. But, my friends, I am here to say that Ebates proved us both wrong (mostly him because I just knew it would come one day!).

Me: Honey, did you see what came in the mail today? (smirk)
Jevon: Your Ebates check.
Me: Can you believe it? Thirty five dollars and fifty nine cents all for free!
Jevon: How much did you spend to get that free money? (emphasis on "free")
Me: That is besides the point.

So here is how Ebates works. Go to their website and sign up to become a member. You even get a $10.00 gift card to your choice of store just for signing up! Then you pick the online store you are about to purchase something from, click on it and it takes you to that website. Whatever your amount purchase is, you will get back in the form of a check depending on what the store's percentage offer is. That's it!

For example, Old Navy offers 3% back. So if you spend $200 you will get $6 back. Doesn't sound like much, but over time it adds up. As you can see from above :) Ebates literally has every store you can possibly imagine. So next time you are about to buy something online, check to see if you can go through Ebates and get cash back.

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