Monday, June 1, 2009


About a year ago I was in Expressions and Shelly said that I needed to enter the monthly Brighton drawing. Yeah, yeah, ok. I never win anything, but what the heck. Every month since I have entered the drawing, I have received an email saying that I needed to print the email out and take it in to Expressions to be entered into the drawing. And these emails always get deleted because I know my chances of winning are slim and I don't have time to run up to Expressions once or twice a month to take these slips in. Well, I do, but if you have been to Expressions, you know it can be a very dangerous place to shop :). Anyway, imagine my suprise when this email came in today: I normally just delete these, but when I saw, "Come Pick Your Handbag" in the subject line I thought hmmm, this one is different than the others. So, I took it in and asked Shelly what the heck this email was saying and she said, "You are one of June's winners. You get to pick any purse off the shelf and there is no price limit." No way!!! Apparently Brighton gives away 50 items each month across the United States and I was one of those 50! Shelly got on to me and said that I had not been bringing in my slips and that she had been sending in my information for me so I had her to thank for being a winner. Thank you Shelly (again)!!!

So I begin to puruse the shelves and I must add that she has quite a few handbags to pick from. I immediately see a leopard print one with red interior for $155. Cute! Then Shelly makes a suggestion: "Why don't you pick a really expensive one that you would normally not buy and then just come and get the cheaper one you like some other time." Awesome idea! So I brought this little baby home:

And want to know how much it was? $350. Yes. I just scored a $350 purse for FREE!

Now, I haven't owned a Brighton purse since maybe 8th or 9th grade, but come on! It was FREE!!! Did I mention it was FREE? I am still in shock.

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