Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star Struck

You know those moments you have that you want to last forever? Well, that was this past weekend for me. I've had a few of those moments before. There was one when Jevon and I snuck off during my Mom's wedding reception to walk down by the lake. We could hear Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us" playing from the reception area and we started dancing there on the boardwalk. Just us. There are others, but that came to mind first. It's times like those when I wish time could just stand still.

Anyway, by now everyone should know how much I love San Antonio. That's where I went. I absolutely love it there. And I had a good reason to go (many, actually). About a year ago I began reading a blog called Resolved 2 Worship.
(could her kids get any cuter???)

Alyssa is such an inspirational person and takes awesome pictures. After reading her blog, Mom and I gathered that she lived in or around San Antonio. Sooo, I emailed her a few months ago to see if she would be willing to take my sister's (Katie) senior pictures and she agreed! I think I did a little dance inside. I know. I'm weird. That's ok. And for your information, my Facebook status on Saturday said, "I feel like I just met someone famous." It just felt so cool meeting her in person and I am so looking forward to the pictures she took of Katie.

I spent a good hour or so staring out the hotel window after I checked in and got settled. It was beautiful. Friday we walked around the Riverwalk. Saturday I had Panera for the first time. Yum. We went to The Container Store and Charming Charlie. By then it was time for Katie's pictures so we headed to the Japanese Tea Garden (wanna see it in the spring time? click here to see pics from a previous visit)...

...and then on to Sunset Station.

(Mom & David)

Saturday we had dinner at the Magic Time Machine, walked the Riverwalk again, had a drink at Swigs, and called it a night. Sunday Mom and David took me to the neatest flea market.

I bought an old door, a plant urn ($1), 3 books ($.25), a bathroom shelf, and some vintage Valentines. I could have wandered around there for hours.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. One that went by way to fast. Right before I pulled into our driveway I looked up and saw this:

It was far too large to get in one picture, but it was an entire rainbow. I saw where it started, the arch in the middle, and where it ended. So cool.


Completely unrelated to this weekend, but if you have some good thoughts to spare or prayers, would you mind sending them sweet Layla Grace's way? Her and her family could sure use them. Read her story here or follow her Mom on Twitter here.

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