Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I don't think I am even going to attempt to catch up on the past few months, so I'm just going to give a little rundown on what's been going on--Letterman style. :)

10. Christmas was great. My Mom, David, and sisters all came up. I was not in the spirit this year. I had too many things going on and just felt like I wasn't doing Christmas up like I always do. I didn't even have my tree up until December 22 and that was only because my sisters were here and they decorated it for me (along with the rest of the house). Bless them. Everything was put up by the next week. I just wasn't feelin' it.

(Katie decorated this--isn't it cute?)

(Steph spent the majority of her time adding bling to her deer skull. I think it turned out great!)

(Dash only wishes he could sink his teeth into that ham. He stayed like this for awhile. So funny.)

9. Jevon and I spent New Years in Ruidoso. Just the two of us and the dogs. It was awesome. We spent our days by the fire, shopping, sightseeing, and even went on a "sleigh" ride. I love the time we get to spend together alone. He makes me feel loved and I happen to love that feeling.

8. I put Scout in a bathing suit. This may not be worthy of its own number, but I don't care. Poor little guy. It was a little snug and I'm pretty sure he knew it was for a girl.

7. I found my dad on Facebook. It has been 9 years since I talked to him. It was nice to hear from him and I guess we will see where it goes from here.

6. Susan and I got our own booth at our local Trade Days! This has been such an exciting thing for us and part of what is keeping me so busy. I guess that is a good thing though.

5. Jevon's trike is almost ready. We can now join the crew for their annual March bike trip. Jevon is understandably hesitant to venture off too far, so we plan to ride to and around Big Bend. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. Oh, and I bought my first ever Harley shirt. LOL. Wait. Make that 3 shirts, 1 vest, 2 jackets, and 2 hoodies.

6. Susan and I had a little party of sorts a week or so ago. We had Silpada jewelry, Just by Chance jewelry, Scentsy, and Custom Vinyl Designs. It was pretty much an excuse to get a bunch of girls together to eat, shop, and talk. We had tons of fun and got to buy a lot of neat things, too! Sweet SugarBelle made these cookies for us--she is like the Cookie Goddess:

5. My Mom, David, and my Aunt Karen and Uncle Terry came to visit the end of January. We had so much fun. It was relaxing and just an all around great visit. I love seeing my family. I was so sad when Sunday rolled around and everyone had to leave. Spending time with them is priceless.

4. Jevon signed up to listen to a presentation when we go to Lake Brownwood (May) about buying property there on the lake. In exchange for listening, we got a 7 day cruise. I have never been on one and am excited about going. We have no idea when or where, we just know we have this voucher and plan to put it to use sometime.

3. I signed us up for Nutrisystem. Our food should be here next week. I know Jevon is thrilled about this (ha!).

2. Valentine's Day Eve was wonderful. Jevon's Mom and Dad invited us and Raymond and Susan to have dinner at the Country Club in Hobbs. The food and drinks were great and the company was even better. Oh, and my Honey sent me roses, too.

1. We had our appointment with the new RE. I think I love her already. She spent nearly and hour and half with us and even called me today to go over some other things and talked to me for over 20 minutes. She has been a breath of fresh air. I feel that I can trust her judgement and am ready for whatever comes our way (I think). Our next step is another HSG, laparoscopy, and ovarian drilling. I've had an HSG before, Paige filled me in on what a laparoscopy is and I probably shouldn't have Googled ovarian drilling, but that's ok.

So, that is the past few months or so in a nutshell. My camera would not automatically download pictures to my computer so I was having to do it manually which was a pain. Plus, I kept thinking about how far behind I was on everything and was afraid to play catch-up for fear I might miss something, which I'm sure I did. If I think of something, I'll let you know later :)

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