Saturday, May 30, 2009

Texts From Last Night

What does your last text message say? Mine was from my sister Stephanie and it says:

Me: How is ur ear
Steph: Better just can't hear good out of it
Me: :( May just take a little more time
Steph: I think so

Ok, that is nothing compared to some of the Texts From Last Night. They are hilarious. Here is one for example:

(404): FYI..good luck when you get back from work.. mom and dad know about the boy you brought home last night
(1-404): haha good did you even know?
(404): we all know. he obviously didn't leave when you might have told him to.. he came down when we were eating because he could smell mom's cooking. the dude ate with us and offered to say grace. so yeah, good luck.

I guess really bad texts get sent it to this website. Some are really funny. Check them out here.

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