Sunday, October 17, 2010


I said goodbye to my "drug dealer"car and hello to my new Mom-Mobile. See--that's me standing by it. Pretty, huh? Don't mind the camera is messed up. Or my hair or that I have grown A LOT (I think he may have dropped?) or the fact that I now live in a neighborhood and not on a farm...

Ohhhh just kiddin'. If anyone knows me well enough, they know I wouldn't be caught dead in a minivan (sorry to any of the minivan drivers out there who may be reading this--they just aren't my cup o' tea). Minivans are like Mom jeans.

They kind of just go together and I can't bring myself to do either.

Anyway, here is my new ride--for real this time. I love it already!!!

Gotta be able to haul around this pouty little guy in something safe, right?! (Taken on 10/14).

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